Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Color Block: What's Really Destroying Love & Relationships?

         It's all over the place! This Color BLOCK! People are always using COLOR as a factor in who they date, marry, conceive with and befriend. Is it really this serious? What happened to the Content of Character being the main factor? How could one really expect to find true happiness when they are more focused on skin color/complexion? There is NO WAY possible for a person to fall in Love based on color. Understandable, everyone has their "thing" but when your "thing" consists of something as asinine as the color of someones skin, then it sounds like that someone needs to take a trip to the nearest psych ward because YOU ARE CRAZY!

Can someone please explain where this Color Block stems from? Do we date this all the way back to the days of slavery? And if we do, how come some of you can't get over an event that you weren't even part of? You can not continue to use the past to dictate your future! Yes slavery was an horrific time in history..But that's just it HISTORY! Some of you are looking too deep into a situation that is non-existent.

If I hear "I'm marrying Black because I want the traditional black family" line again I am going to body slam that person. Why must your family be based on Color? And if that's what you prefer, then please don't say that aloud because you sound ignorant and uneducated. Whether it's black, white, green, purple, pink, or "fluorescent beige" (Precious 2009), it doesn't matter LOVE is LOVE is LOVE!

This is affecting our youth! When Music Artists are using lines like "I only date white chicks they got good credit", what message is this sending to the people listening..? I'll tell you what it says..."No other races have good credit"...One, Two, Three...Ignorance! There is a solution to this, Don't Listen, but what happens when it's on TV: Don't Watch, Books: Don't Read, Advertisements: Don't Look, taking all of this away...You might as well lock yourself in a room throw away the key and listen to yourself wither away.

Utterly Ridiculous!

We have to do better, We have to grow up and grow out. We can not allow Color to determine our lives. Whatever you are holding onto that is enabling you from stepping out, GET RID OF IT! It's not healthy and it's not attractive. People have fought long and hard and this is not the thanks they should receive!

Much Love and Respect
S. Reid

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Men and Women, from age 17 on, risk their lives so that you can have IT!.

So Take this one day (at least) to acknowledge the courageous and brave troops who make the ultimate sacrifice.

And a Moment of Silence for all of our fallen HEROES!


Thursday, October 28, 2010


Well it's about time! I love these two together!....And now they are adding a little Cannon to the family! NICEEEEEEEE!

Nicki Minaj anyone????

Who doesn't want a little MINAJ in their life???? 

-Nicki Minaj "Pink Friday' 11/22 /10

I'm inspired AGAIN!!!!

Thanks to a few of my good buddies on Twitter and Facebook....I am inspired to give you guys the goods....

A lot has happened since the last posting...And you expect me to set the record STRAIGHT...NO CHASER....

Letsssss  Goooooooo!

S. Reid
Thee Insane Genius!!!!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Talking to a lot of different females, it seems like our "GOOD" Black (African American) men are almost extinct. In today's society, there are so many negative influences that surround us, that a lot of females feel deter men from being ideal. In my opinion, our biggest fear is COMMITMENT! Why is it so hard for people, Mostly MEN, to commit? Being an "ALPHA" male in todays society, makes it hard. A lot of men feel that this makes them Superior, and use it to their advantage, and while it may be wrong, IT WORKS a lot of the time. Another reason there is a lack of "GOOD" men in today's world is because of their upbringing. Many boys are raised in a single parent home, mostly by their mothers. While a Mother can nurture and try to mold, A WOMEN CAN NOT RAISE A MAN TO BE A MAN! This is a proven statement. She can try and show that man how he should treat women, but it will always click in his head, "How come my Father isn't around, shouldn't he be teaching me this"? Which is not a bad conception. Women can only do but so much to raise their son's to be better MEN, but its hard. There are so many unanswered questions, that can only be answered properly by a MAN, mainly a Father figure.

 My next reason is MEDIA. Music Videos, Magazines, Pornography, Advertisements, all of these are media outlets that exploit women, portraying them as just sex symbols. When a man sees this, he is not thinking "Oh Man I want to marry her"..."He is thinking more a long of the lines "OH MAN I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH HER" then when he sees the next hot commodity, the same thoughts are processing. These entertainers mainly men, are NO BETTER. Rappers like Lil' Wayne who are impregnating every female on earth except Mother Nature is not a good lesson for our youth. IT is sensationalizing infidelity and glorifying it. Singers like Trey Songz, who does everything but actual insertion, in his videos, is also not a good image for our young black men these days. The message "Play some good music, have a nice smile, and workout, and you're in there". 

Many men from young aren't taught the value of family, the importance of love and devotion, and the basics of MANHOOD. Leaving our young women with the question "WHERE ARE ALL OF OUR GOOD BLACK MEN?' 
LADIES, please don't be alarmed, there are many "Good" Black men around. They are hiding. They are hiding because they are scared of COMMITMENT, they are scared of HEARTBREAK, they are scared THEY WON'T BE GOOD ENOUGH, or they are just plain SCARED. Men are pressured with so much these days in the society. Odds are already against a lot of them because of their skin complexion. 
One thing I think should be implemented in schools, beginning in Elementary all the way through College, are Confidence and Development classes. These classes should be broken up into sexes, One for male and one for females. It should help instill a sense of pride and determination into our youth from young. It should allow Guest Speakers like Actor Boris Kodjoe, and Will Smith, who are considered Ideal Black Family Oriented Men, to come in and speak to our young men and explain to them the ups and downs of marriage, and being a black male in America, and tips to help them better themselves. 
THERE ARE GOOD BLACK MEN IN AMERICA, they are just covered by the ignorant black men who don't want more for themselves. 
So to all my STRONG BLACK MEN, who are ready to change the image that many women have painted of us, PLEASE STAND UP and show yourselves. Lets make those who fought long and hard for our freedoms proud and not like their efforts were in vain!!!!!


S. Reid

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lil' Kim SPEAKS! Interview PT.1 on Fake Twitter, Nicki Minaj, and Promo Tours.

Lil' Kim Finally breaks her silence on the Nicki Minaj situation. There was more to this situation than people knew, and 
now that the smoke is settling, people are getting the bigger picture...

Was it me or did she send chills up your spine when she said "I'M A REAL FUCKING BITCH"...? 
That was real Brooklyn Style.
She also talks her relationship with Slim (Cash Money), and her tours...
Stay tuned for PT. 2

This should be interesting!

Mortal Kombat:8 MIN. PREVIEW!!!!

Starrring Michael Jai White...This is A MUST SEE! I am super ecstatic about this movie...Being a die hard Mortal Kombat fan, I think this Movie gives great and bigger insight on how a lot of the characters from the game came to be...

There is no official word as to when the movie will hit theaters, but stayed tuned because when it does I can almost guarantee it to be sold out everywhere..


Monday, June 7, 2010

Kim Vs. Nicki

So all this hype is surfacing about the Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj situation....Honestly, I like them both....Nicki Minaj is what's in the circuit right now...Being featured on songs with notable artists like Mariah Carey and Ludacris, while Lil' Kim has been sitting in the studio endless nights with Career Reviving producer, Dr. Dre. Now everyone knows that I don't like to be biased without giving the facts. First, I will start with this, I can see a lot of Kim in Nicki, and I don't think that is a problem. The problem lies where Nicki Minaj stated that she "KILLED EVERY RAP BITCH IN THE BUILDING". Now EVERY female rapper should have stood up and said "Excuse Me" but the only two that responded to this was incarcerated rapper Remy Ma, and lyricist Keys, who is a great listen by the way. Lil' Kim didn't respond to this and I feel like as a female of her caliber, she shouldn't have. Kim is responding to the fact that she feels Nicki Minaj hasn't paid enough due respect. This can be debated and discussed all day, and while Nicki did one interview saying that "SHE PAYS HOMAGE TO KIM', she goes on to say "I THINK I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO FILL THAT SPOT"???? Now this can have been interpreted two ways, most people thought it was a shot to dismiss Kim as if she was never here...

Honestly, I feel like this "beef" is a ploy to breathe relevance back into Kim's career, and freshen her to the circuit again. What I really don't understand is why Kim didn't give a BANGING track or two to really solidify her back at the top as the QUEEN????? 

For Kim and RocNation, this means gaining relevance for a label that is new and fresh with no one really creating any buzz. I mean Wale, is cool, but he's no Legend. Think about it like this,  Jay is a businessman and Kim is a ride or die female, so put two and two together. Being that Kim and Nicki were already being compared, it was only the right thing to do to bring the QUEEN BEE back to reclaim her thrown. But with the change of the direction of Music, is this a situation that Kim could come out the Victor in, or is it a worthless effort???

Check out some "Swagger Jacking" 

-S. Reid 
More to come on this story just stay tuned 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Death To The Speedy!!!!!

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, when are we going to step our cookies up and get out of this Speedy mentality...I understand that times are hard, and it's a recession, but you girls have been really running this Louis Vuitton Speedy bag down to the bone structure. Yes, understandable, it's AFFORDABLE, but why this bag, why not save up your money and get something WORTH getting that you won't see every teenage girl and their great grandmother with when you're walking down the street. Like come on.....I understand this was the new IT bag 3/4 Summers ago, but now I'm just getting sick of some of you..And for a lot of you this is the only bag you own...DEATH to you! This is part of the reason why I refrain from Dealing with a lot of you, YOU HAVE NO IDENTITY, you just do what's hot...BOOOOOOOOOO! Get off the stage...
It saddens me that for $625(25in) - $690(30in), this is all you think you should have...Blahhhhhhh!

Just take a look at all the crazy, creative, and constructive bags you could own for equal or lesser cost...

Matt and Nat 
Axel Stud Satchel $285 
Available at 


 Tory Burch
 Embossed Lux T Nico Satchel $435
 Available at

Marc Jacobs  Small Parachute Bag $650
Available at

Christian Louboutin
Ribbon and  Chain Print Tote $696
Available at

You see ladies, everything is not always about a Louis Vuitton Speedy....I have just given you four examples of bags that are Highly Fashionable, All reputable brands, and Cost Efficient. It's all about stepping out of that comfort Zone and into the Fashion Zone! 

S. Reid
"Life is what you make it, So Make it GREAT"